Sunday, 27 July 2014

Day 1 San Francisco, CA to Reno, NV

And the first days driving is done, with reaching Harrahs hotel and casino.

And what a lot of fun it was! Getting to the morning meeting, called Rise and Shine, where we got to meet loads of people. Asking all about us, why we're mad enough to venture out and take part. But the friendliness of those same people is the reason we didn't hesitate to make the decision to come.
And on to the driving. Well the roads sure were impressive, with California providing an amazing backdrop. However a couple of wrong turns meant we had to back track a couple of times and we ended up at the Sacramento dealer just as they were closing up, and got the last 4 food boxes. Meanwhile Ali was riding up front in an F56 with a manager from MINI USA.  However on the first part we were joined by one of the MINI PR cars, who filmed us as we led a trail of MINIs through Napa.

Despite dashing down the I-80 instead of the scenic route past Lake Tahoe, in order to get to Reno in time for the wedding, time was not on our time. Although not the scenic route, we still climbed to over 7000 feet through the Rockies, and there was still some spectacular views through the Donner Pass.

With jet lag still taking a toll (waking up at 2am each morning so far) we decided to miss the evening event in order to take it easy. Ali still went though, and met many more folks with stories to tell.
So tomorrow takes us to Wendover, Utah which will see me driving for the first time of the trip.
Until then, Phil.

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