Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 5, Albuquerque, NM to Lubbock, TX

Greetings y'all!

We've made it in to the Lone Star State that is Texas. It's been another long drive that saw us cross another time zone. Before setting off, we'd already covered over 1500 miles, and today would see us edging ever closer to the 2,000 mike mark.

Breakfast was again held at the Sandia MINI dealership in Albuquerque, where yet again a fine spread was load on with no less than 6 different types of Breakfast burrito to choose from.

Today's drive would be more of a marathon, as we would head to Roswell for lunch but the twisty roads of Colorado were well behind us. The stop in Roswell would see us visit the museum, and see many shops proclaiming Aliens Welcome, they sure know where their bread is buttered! MINI also provided us with foil head shades to protect us from abduction, but Morris didn't get it and chose to use it as a paraglider!

The drive to Lubbock was long, with one stretch of 130 miles being almost dead straight! As such there isn't much to report. However there was a MINI welcoming committee on the state line waving everyone into Texas, no mean feat as we all run at our own pace!

With no event in Lubbock, it was up to us to do our own thing so we went out for steak. I opted for a Porterhouse which was juicy and tender, a perfect end to the day!

Two more days await us in Texas, next stop Austin!

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  1. Six different types of breakfast burrito? Six? What a world in which we now live!