Monday, 28 July 2014

Day 2: Reno, NV to Wendover, UT

And day 2 is over, and I got to drive a fair whack today too.
Rise and shine saw us gather at the foot of the Atlantis Casino and plentiful amounts of sausage or veggie burritos were ready for us all.

What we learned was that today's route was on the loneliest road in the world, as featured in Top Gear. I didn't believe it, but after passing through Fallon it became clear. There is NOTHING on US 50 for miles around, and the road is straight for miles, and I mean 10s of miles without your corner! That said you are never lonely in a MINI and there was always one in sight.

However it was probably around 200 miles of driving through mountains and desert with nothing else, a very eerie experience. The other oddity was the temperature changes. One minute it's 35 degrees out, next its down to 15! Then after that we've been driving through heights of up to 7400 feet too!

The evening event here in Wendover took place at the historic airfield, as seen in films such as Con Air. It was another opportunity to talk to others on the run, get some food and tonight was a dog pageant to raise money for the MTTS charity partner.

 Tomorrow sees us pass the Bonneville Salt Flats then on to Colorado.

Until then,

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