Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 3, Wendover, UT to Grand Junction, CO

So day 3 started with the news of more rain, which meant that Bonneville was closed and only available for photos. However it was irrelevant as we missed the junction and with the next one over 20 miles away, turning back wasn't an option.

So Tryon and I opted to stop at the Great Salt Lake near Salt Lake City instead, which was surprisingly warm! Today proved to be a battle dodging rain, by a few surprises lay ahead! As we carved our way through the mountains, we stopped in the small own of Helper, which was hostintg a car event itself. In attendance was some very exotic machinery, including a Lexus LFA and a Ferrari Enzo. 

We hit our stop after some frustration driving on US Rte 6, where a trail of over 20 cars were being held up by someone at 20mph below the posted limit and no way of passing. But the stop was worth it, as all participants were given a free drink which Morris enjoyed in the diner.

Arrival into Colorado and Grand Junction was uneventful, with Car and Driver magazine sponsoring a car wash to clear off bugs and salt. The evening event was held at an Automobile collection, with some spectacular cars. And more great food and drink provided. We got  approached by MINI who wanted to get our details so they can get our story, and Christine found some guys from MINI UK too.  However sad times as we had to say farewell to new friends from San Francisco as this was their last leg.

Tomorrow sees us head to Albuquerque, where we will visit a proper Western Saloon on the way.

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  1. I hope you're not the navigator Phil, there seems to be a pattern of wrong turns!