Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day 4: Grand Junction, CO to Albuquerque, NM

After the last two rain affected days, a sunny morning greeted us for the rise and shine event back at Allen's Unique Autos.

Tryon and I had received a recommendation on somewhere to stop near Santa Fe, so had hoped our route today would pass near by. It didn't, and on investigation we worked  out we had to leave straight away in order to get there. So that we did. Chris and Amy followed the MTTS route which included a summit of 11,000 feet and Ali got a ride in a plasti dipped R56 S in a starsky and hutch style. It was stripped out with a roll cage and recaros, with 225hp at the crank.

So off we went, and soon fantastic views of the Colorado Rockies were soon found. After whisking through some small towns, it was time to whisk through the mountains on some amazing twisty roads which we felt rewarded us for the detour. The only issue was dodging the number of chipmunks and rabbits that kept jumping out on us!     

News soon came through that the MTTS route had closed due to a serious accident, with traffic being diverted via a golf course. For most participants there were fears they wouldn't make the evening event in time.
However we continued about 100 miles further east, with clear open roads ahead and were soon driving across the prairie. A quick bite for lunch and then on towards New Mexico,which saw temperatures rise as high as 36 degrees. However they also dropped as low as 15 as we drove through a brief storm, I can't get used to these temperature changes!

We arrived at Lemy to find the saloon we had deviated to visit closed. Doh! However the diversion meant we did avoid the delays on the MTTS route. And soon we were in Albuquerque and headed to the party with a live band, bull riding lassoing and a decent food spread, although not great for vegetarians.

Tomorrow sees us set off for our first of 3 stops in Texas, Lubbock.

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  1. hey phil grey write ups feel like i am there with you all