Wednesday 6 August 2014

Day 11: Chicago, IL to Cleveland, OH

I'm afraid we don't have a lot to report today.

Christine hitched a ride in a JCW R57 after suffering some JCW withdrawal symptoms and Ali rode in an Ice Blue R55 Cooper Auto.

The drive was uneventful, despite getting lost and some serious pot hole issues in Chicago. We ended up taking the interstate all day again as time meant we would be late for the evening event if we didn't. Both Tryon and I took the opportunity get some sleep while on the road too.

We got to Cleveland with just enough time to get to the evening event, which was held at the Rock and Roll hall of fame, which was astonishing and full of amazing musical artifacts.
Sorry for the short one folks.

Tomorrow, Buffalo and hopefully Niagara falls.

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  1. doesn't matter how little info just keep them coming till the finale X