Friday 1 August 2014

Day 6: Lubbock, TX to Austin, TX

Greetings again y'all (yep we're still in Texas).

There's not a lot to talk about today, as the roads have been pretty flat and boring. But we are in the city of Austin which is amazing. The Texan hospitality has been great too.

Our route today, whilst not exciting did take us through some interesting towns. We stopped in Balinger to post a package and Brady for lunch, where you'll find the heart of Texas

But the highlight of the day was the evening party in Austin. All outdoors, food from various vendors (all free) and a bar with the Austin cityscape in the background.  Live music was also provided and a good opportunity to mingle with fellow drivers.  Also had a long chat with the Product Manager for MINI USA and had to agree that MINI takes the states kicks ass over what MINI UK do! Oh, there were also chances to meet Texas longhorns and armadillos!

Next up is Dallas, and a possible after party but well have to take a raincheck on that.

Until next time, Phil.

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