Sunday 3 August 2014

Day 8: Dallas, TX to Memphis, TN

So today was always going to be a non event. Or so I thought.

We had over 400 miles to cover, and Tryon needed to get to his sisters after we got to Memphis. S today consisted of collecting the route sheet at The Cotton Bowl Stadium and dashing off before the rise and shine event had concluded.

Christine and Amy would be going the long but scenic route through Louisiana and Mississippi before stopping at Tryons sisters one the way up. However we would be taking the Interstates for nearly 400 miles, stopping only to see Bill Clinton's birthplace and lunch at the 'Cracker Barrel'. I got quizzed ( as usual ) about my accent, and our waitress was very surprised to hear someone from London was in Arkansas (pronounced our-can-saw - it's illegal to pronounce it the way you think it is).

Arkansas saw the worst roads on the trip, with the deviation from the I-40 sending us on the US-70 where we spent the whole time avoiding crevices in the road that make the British pothole look like a dimple. At one point we feared we'd lose the sump & exhaust. Alter some observant & patient driving by Tryon, we were soon in Memphis.

What a city Memphis is. The mall is a beautiful street, but the MINI event would be held in the famous Beale street. A street full of bars where music is king. And the music was great. The MINI party had 3 live acts, both inside Silky O'Sullivans and outside, whilst some traditional BBQ Chicken & Pork was served up. I got to come out of my shell a bit more and talked to some people from Chicago, Texas, and Arizona to name a few. The beer wasn't too bad either.

Tomorrow we will venture to St. Louis, where an evening of go karting is apparently on the cards.

Until then, Phil

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