Sunday 10 August 2014

Days 14 & 15: Bethlehem, PA to Boston, MA

Well that's it, we've rallied and can rally no more.

Bethlehem Steel stacks
After 5,142 miles, 18 states and 15 cities we arrived in Boston yesterday afternoon after a nervous drive from Bethlehem. Christine, still feeling under the weather proceeded to Boston with Amy and ended up skirting past New York City, while Ali hitched his final ride in a Hampton edition Clubman and proceeded straight up the interstate.

Tryon and I attempted to follow the route, but the road conditions were bumpy at best. A new rattling sound came from under the bonnet, so we retreated to the interstate and set up the GPS for the city centre dealership in Boston.

Arrived in Boston
An early arrival into Boston meant we had time to get into our apartment, and the news came through that Tryon's car was fine and would be good for the drive back to California.
So on to the wrap party which followed a similar format to the previous events. But there was a sense of relief & accomplishment amongst the coast to coasters, it had been a long slog but boy was it worth it!  We danced until the party closed down, and would return for the rise and shine the next morning.
Boston Wrap Party

Rise and shine on a sunny Boston morning was our final chance to say goodbye to new friends made. Oh, and there was a proposal too! And a lot of fun was had, but it is hard to let go. Its only sinking in now that I'm not driving anywhere today!

We got to meet some great people on this trip, everyone being friendly and wanting to chat. The MINI USA staff were great, always chatting with participants and I have no idea how the event staff set up everything after finishing late the night before! I come away from MTTS with a great appreciation of how welcoming this country is, and was great to spend so much time with the US MINI family.

Mike Marzo proposes to Steph at the Rise & Shine.

My final words are reserved for Amy & Tryon Lippincott, without them this would not have happened. Their company and spare seats got us across the country, and we are forever in their debt.  Tryon's car was a blast to drive, and hit the 110,000 mile mark on the ride into Boston. We had a lot of fun in that car.

And so, for the final time thanks for reading,
Ali gets signed by MINI vice president - David Duncan.

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