Monday 4 August 2014

Day 9: Memphis, TN to St. Louis, MO

This morning we said farewell to the awesome city that was Memphis. 

The morning rise and shine was held outside the FedEx Forum in downtown Memphis, followed by a police escort out to the interstate. We were parked up next to the 2 guys from Germany, who are taking part in MTTS as part of their adventure around the world in an F56 having already covered Europe and Asia. Their F56 is also now proudly displaying a Surrey New MINI sticker on their A pillar to go with the Mersey Mini Club one on their back window. 

The driving today was mostly main roads, although we did get to see some back roads and included a stop at a drive in BBQ, which provided all MTTS participants with their homemade pink lemonade.

The evening event was held at the gateway Motorsport park, just across the Mississippi river and in Illinois, meaning we actually passed through 4 states in one day. Karting was available, which is pretty much where we spent all night. We managed to get 5 sessions in, with the guys running the karting allowing us to tag on to the last session as were heading off. Ali was pleased to get 39.1 secs, with me getting 40.7 and Tryon also in the mid 40s.

Tomorrow will see us head to Chicago, and take in my first Baseball game.


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