Saturday 9 August 2014

Day 13: Buffalo, NY to Bethlehem, PA

The penultimate leg!

The morning started at Towne Mini, where the best breakfast of the trip was provided! We had bacon sausage and egg, with the option of a biscuit (think scone) if needed. After having biscuits for the last few days I declined, I miss the breakfast burritos from the West Coast!

Christine and Amy went ahead in order to get Chris to bed, but reports back are that their route was very similar to the planned one.  Ali would be riding with Phil Casper who was doing this leg only in his blue R50 Cooper, with an awesome sound from the exhaust, I'm not sure what other mods have been done.
Our route today would take us through up state New York, where locals were lining the streets for the MINI Coopers! Our stop was at the Jell-o museum, which was an interesting detour. I even found my picture that I sent MINI USA as the centre piece of their welcome poster!

The drive to Bethlehem would continue through Pennsylvania, where a stop at a country fair was billed, but proved to be just a photo call alongside the worlds largest pancake skillet. Had we known that we wouldn't have bothered, Tryon and I were hoping to get some 'Carney' food!

However it did lead to a scenic drive through Watkins Glen where lunch was taken instead. Morris got homesick at the sight of the red phone box in town.

After Watkins Glen it was time to hit the Interstate for the 200 miles to Bethlehem, which we made in just enough time for the evening event. However the hotel shuttle dropped us to the main site, not where MINI were holding their reception. So we just stayed and soaked up the music festival, and saw performances on 3 stages before calling it a night. We found deep fried 'carney' food too! Ali made it to the right part of the festival though, and reports it was a lot of fun!

Day 14 sees the final leg to Boston, which promises to be another long one.

Bye for now.

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